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eStand HD 11" Tablet Package [Sale 10%]
Class: Discontinued
Category: Tablets

$ 1400.00
$ 1260
$ 1260.00
$ 30.00
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Purchase the eStand HD 11" Tablet Package with an 10.8" wide-touch-screen tablet, eStand Professional Software and the eStand Silent All-In-One Footswitch.  With internal batteries and fast processor, this package will WOW you yet still being cost effective!

This system is ideal for portable and hand-held use. 

Unleash all the power of the eStand with this on-the-go unit so everything is neat and clean.  Hold it or use it with the your stand, on a band stand or piano.  Software setup is included with these systems.

These systems have a multi-touchscreen so fingers or any stylus brings the system to life!  Cost-effective and fast, these systems are great for the small band.

It is a fully-functional computer as well if you want to use it for that as well.

Specifications (subject to change):

  • Intel® i5
  • Genuine Windows® 8
  • 10.8" IPS Widescreen Multi-Touch  (16:9) 1920x1080
  • Memory: 2GB RAM
  • 64GB SSD
  • Wireless, Bluetooth
  • 1.8 lbs

A complete computer spec will be sent after the order to confirm the exact specifications.  Delivery time depends on supplier and may be 1 to 4 weeks.  Delivery time estimates are available at time of order.

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