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Now Mac-Compatible with Crossover Mac!
  • Hands-free page turning
    • forward and backward page turns
    • page turn options provide look ahead\
  • Flexible page display
    • single, multiple pages
    • split page for visually impaired
    • full rotation for best display
  • Manage your sheet music electronically
    • no more heavy books
    • order, edit and search your documents
    • create and jump to bookmarks
  • Make and share annotations
    • multiple colors with highlighters
    • instantly change to different users
  • Easily import your music library
    • import from scans (TIFF, JPG and BMP]
    • import from PDF 1
    • purchase music online
  • Optional  Peer-to-Peer networking
    • share annotations and documents
    • leaders can turn pages remotely
Which software versions is for you?
feature comparison

eStand® Professional Multi-page
  • Details and Order
  • All the features of the professional version
  • Multi-page displays - 2 or 3 pages on the same screen
eStand® Professional
  • Details and Order
  • Full-featured and upgradable to networking products
  • Import documents from scans or PDF's 1
  • New features: text input, copy/paste, edit annotations and more
eStand® Deluxe
  • Details and Order
  • Make annotations on documents
  • Import documents from scans or PDF's 1
  • Limited to 60 loaded documents2
eStand® Reader
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1 -- Requires installation of third party conversion software.
2 -- Unlimited documents can be stored externally.